"It’s so much more than just a slice—it’s our way of life"

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At Cuts and Slices, we believe pizza is more than just food—it’s a way to bring people together. Our mission is to enrich our communities by providing quality pizza and a welcoming space that feels like home. We’re dedicated to crafting exceptional food with innovative flavors that excite and delight. Our menu is a testament to our creativity, featuring unique combinations that push the boundaries of traditional pizza. We also foster a nurturing environment for our team and give back to our community.

Founded in 2018 by Ashlee and Randy Mclaren in Brooklyn, NY, Cuts & Slices, Inc. emerged from the couple’s passion for culinary experiences and hospitality. Inspired by Randy’s Trinidadian background and years in the restaurant industry, alongside Ashlee’s global culinary tours as a flight attendant, the couple invested in a pizzeria during 2018. They focused on unique pizza fusions, emphasizing quality and consistency. Initially slow, the business gained momentum through social media engagement and unique offerings like the viral “crust only” pizza requested by rapper Jadakiss. During the 2020 pandemic, their strategic social media use further boosted their popularity, drawing customers locally and internationally, including celebrities. Collaborations with major brands like Adidas and features on platforms such as The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live have highlighted their innovative approach. Known for their original gourmet pizzas like oxtail and shrimp lobster black truffle alfredo, Cuts & Slices has become a culinary landmark, continuously pushing boundaries in the pizza industry while fostering community connections.

According to The Times:

NYC'S Most exciting pizza

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“It’s so much more than just a
slice”—it’s our way of life”

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